8 Products to Kick Off the New British Eventing Season in Style


1. Barbour Lightweight 4oz Wax Beadnell Wax Jacket


Barbour have just launched their new line of lightweight 4oz wax jackets and we’re all in love!

Perfect for competitors and spectators alike, these jackets are around 65% lighter than their traditional wax jackets, so you can wear it to walk the cross country in the pouring rain one minute and bundle it in your bag when the sun shines the next.

It fits smartly over your show jacket and has all the iconic features you expect from Barbour, including large, secure pockets and that iconic tartan lining. We particularly like the Beadnell from the ladies collection and there are great gents options available too on their website.

£199 – Shop here: https://www.barbour.com/uk/categories/womens/waxed-jackets/barbour-lightweight-beadnell-wax-jacket/p/LWX0827OL5116

2.  Aztec Diamond Beige Technical Breeches

AD BreechesAztec Diamond’s iconic sell-out breeches are back. These beige technical competition breeches are breathable, lightweight and stain resistant. Hurrah! They’re also quick drying for those wet days and unexpected dips in the water jump.

They have a fully-lined seat and ‘grip-lock’ technology to keep you comfortable and secure in the saddle, front and back pockets and lyrca bottoms for a neat fit under your boots.

£90 – Shop here: https://aztecdiamondequestrian.com/collections/breeches/products/beige-technical-breeches

3. Glaze and Gordon Chetton Belt

glaze belt chetton To keep your new breeches up, you’ll need a new belt and we love the classic styling of the Chetton by Glaze and Gordon.

Elasticated to keep you comfortable and allow movement in the saddle, it features a beautifully rich leather fastening, solid brass buckle and embossed logo.

£43 – Shop here: https://glazeandgordon.com/products/glaze-gordon-chetton-belt-unisex

4. Tech Stirrups – Venice Safety Stirrup

stirrups-e1518619702864.pngSafety stirrups have come a long way since the days of rubber band ‘peacock’ irons (thank goodness!) and none more so than Tech Stirrups, whose Venice safety irons feature a spring and magnet release system which boasts the widest safety opening on the market should you fall and trap your foot.

These British Eventing approved stirrups also feature a patented tread with aggressive grip that prevents the accumulation of water and mud. Perfect for cross country! They come in a wide range of colours, from conservative to stand-out. We’re coveting like these pink and silver ones ones (though they might clash if you own a chestnut).

For a list of distributors see here: https://techstirrups.com/en/distributors/

5. Racesafe Provent 3.0 (2009 BETA)

level 3 frontWith British Evening’s rule update meaning all competitors must wear a body protector conforming to to the 2009 BETA regulations for the cross country phase starting this season, the eventing world are rummaging through the back of their tack rooms to dig out old body protects and get up to date.

If you’re in the market for a new one, then Racesafe’s Provent 3.0 body protectors are ultra-lightweight, breathable and flexible whilst providing the highest level of protection. Elasticated adjustment and a new, wider range of sizes make these a great fit for everyone (women!) and they really are a God-send when competing on hot summer days. (Ha-ha!)

For a list of distributors see here: http://www.racesafe.co.uk/provent-3.0.html

6. Optimum Time OE Series 3 Watch

oe396-specCompetitors at all levels can now wear watches for the cross country phase of British Eventing. Optimum Time’s iconic cross country watches are the top choice for many competitors with a huge range of colours (pink to match your stirrups?) massive digit height and lots of useful features including countdowns, a final 30 seconds alarm and water resistance should you take a splash.

For a list of distributors see here – http://www.optimumtime.co.uk


7. Celeris Custom Bia Boots

Celeris have a cult instagram following the Kardashians would be jealous of, and rightly so. Their celeris.pngever-popular Bia is a tall, laced boot made to measure and you can choose from a huge range of colours and finishes to make them completely unique. The laces give the illusion of added length to the lower leg and allow for fine adjustments to the fit.

These polished bordeaux numbers have us drooling. Check out their instagram (@celeriasuk) for more inspiration.

From £646 – For specification and pricing go here: https://celerisuk.com/

8. Masta Pack-a-way Showerproof Sheet


One for the horse, this showerproof sheet in classic navy blue is lightweight and breathable whilst keep your horse (and saddle) dry.

It features stirrups holes for warming up in the elements and folds down into a handy little bag! A must-have to keep in the lorry, it is sure to become an event season favourite.

£25 – Shop here: https://harryhall.com/masta-pack-a-way-rain-sheet-navy-blue






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